Kit No Chi

A rather Newbie Vampire drifter who's best friend is a cat.


Hello, my name is Kit No Chi, but I much rather be called Miss Kit. I was changed into a vampire around the age of 24 and have been one for over 7 years now. I’m relatively new to the whole thing as vampires go but I’ve come along well enough to not be a burden to my maker or myself. I have no living family of my own. My last living relative was my Great Grandmother who passed away 8 years ago due to cancer. She is the main reason I allowed myself to be changed into a vampire. Due to my grandmothers passing I refuse to go near hospitals. They just make me uncomfortable. My Grandmother left me with a rather unfriendly tabby cat who seems to hate everyone but me. Despite how old he is, he still plays around like a kitten. I have a tendency to keep my cool in most situations and have no problem with going with the flow or taking charge if I have to. Although in all honesty I’d rather sit back and watch how things unfold. I’m pretty much just a drifter floating from town to town and not leaving a trace of evidence I had ever been there. I’m not too much of the romantic type either. Relationships complicate things and I’d rather be making fun of a person than making out with them. I have average schooling but who knows, maybe in one of my lifetimes I might go back and do some night school so I can get a better job than working at a Nursing home.

I have a Smith and Wesson M36 that I’m pretty good at shooting. My Grandfather taught me how to shoot before he passed away in a car accident when I was 17. It has a small engraving in the handle of a fox leaping up to pounce on a rabbit. I always have my gun on me, though not always loaded.


Kit No Chi

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