Jeff Cloud


Virtue: Justic
Vice: Wrath
Type: Skinrider

Power 00000
Finesse 0000
Resistance 00000

Animal Control (9d)
Compulsion (9d)
Ghost Speech (9d)
Possession (9d)
Terrify (9d)

Knife (he used to kill Anna)
Tree (where he killed himself)

Corpus 0000000000
Willpower 0000000000
Essence 0000000000
Morality 3


He killed Anna Jackson and others though not all that was in the area. He knows that there are vampires in the area and leaves them alone for the most part. The only thing that he doesn’t want to happen is people finding the body of Anna. This is because people will know who killed her. He finds that the more souls that he has the more power he has.

Jeff Cloud

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