Jackson, Wy

Until We Met Again

July 12th, 2011

So here it is, July already. I guess I really hadn’t known what to expect but the time passes just as fast for me now as it did when I was alive. At least I finally have had time to sit down with some of the texts that I got from the Jackson family library. To be honest, they are dominantly gibberish to me. Perhaps that with more study I will be able to understand their meaning better.

Nora has been doing well with her studies and is becoming a Mage, taking after her mother’s side of the family. Things have been relatively calm around here. However, the subtle encouragement to leave Jackson and not come back has become far less subtle of late. I guess it really is time for us to leave. My house has been sold and there is nothing left for me hear. I guess I am back to wandering the world in search of myself.

During my readings I have come across a couple of mentions about a group called Ordo Dracul. Supposedly they are descendant from Dracula himself, though he seems to be conveniently absent to defend that claim. None the less there is an Ossuary that was linked to them. It also has been mentioned in a couple of texts regarding Mages. Supposedly there was a library of sorts there at one time. I know it is a long shot but I have been wanting to do a gallery in Prague anyway. I have spoken to my agent and things are set up for a weekend long gala at the Prague City Gallery. After that I will be traveling to the Sedlec Ossuary and see what secrets I might learn.

Speaking of travel… Do you realize how hard it is for one such as myself to travel? I can’t exactly sit in the sun at JFK waiting for a plane. Instead I actually have to ship myself. Thank whatever evil god that has made me that I have Nora to handle the logistics of that. I will be strapped into a container for almost a week with nothing to eat. God help the citizens of Prague when I get loose. There is a lot of farmland in that area. The goal is to get me out to someone’s fields and let me out where I can’t harm people. Maybe I can try and control the rage this time. We will see when I see the night’s sky once again.

From the Diary of RJ Salantin


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