Jackson, Wy

Log for session 1

  • The Party met
  • Learned that a young girl named Anna Jackson had gone missing 60 years before
  • Learned that there is a part of town that people keep disappearing from
  • A doll covered in blood was found near the forest line
  • Saw a ghost and had a flashback to the time when Anna was alive (c. 1950)
  • Local museum has shipped the doll to Logan’s father, Lance
  • Anna Jackson was 5 years old
  • Met Lance Jackson at Bull’s Run
  • Two loggers went missing in the forest, only their tools were found
  • They went missing near a strange tree
  • Left the game right before Logan was going to meet Nora’s father in place of his father

That is the gist of my notes. Add to it if I forgot anything:)

The first day that everyone met each other was May 10, 2011. It was found that a young girl was dead. Her name is Anna Jackson. She is related to Logen Jackson. Here is Logen’s family tree.

William Jackson and Jeniffer Outer had 2 children

  1. Charles was married to Cindy Cloud and they had 3 children
    1. Anna Jackson died 60 years ago.
    2. James went to college and never came back.
    3. Sarah is dead.
  1. Lance Sr. married Linda Mac and had one child
    1. Lance Jr. had 2 children
      1. Login
      2. Samantha.

We found out that Lance Jr. was upset about Anna’s death and didn’t talk much about it.


It’s a bit late, but I’ll be posting these more regularlyish.
Logan’s Vlog – May11: http://youtu.be/XTWZ8qqTMoc

Log for session 1
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